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hat hatchery hats haven hay hay rake hay wagon haystack hbcu hdr hdr2 head head on head smashed in buffalo jump head stone headdress headlight headlights headphones headquarters headrace headstone headstones health records hearth hecale longwing hedges heifer helen helianthus maximiliani heliconius charitonius heliconius erata heliconius erato heliconius hecale heliconius ismenius helicopter hell canyon henry henry h.g. kennedy henry h.g. kennedy. henry hill henry house henry processed his own film and made prints. henry spalding hensley settlement herbs herd hero room heater hidatsa hide hide painting high contrast high key high school high street high water mark highland creek highlander highlands highway hikers hiking hiking trail hill hill city hills hinges historic historic entrance historical historical marker history hoe hole holland holland harbor holly holmes fort holzwarth historic site holzwarth trout lodge holzwarth trout ranch home home site homecoming homestead homestead 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river indian villiages kodak kodak vest pocket camera kohrs kolb's farm kosciuszko laboratory ladder ladders ladles lake lake erie lake florissant lake huron lake mcdonald lodge lake michigan lake superior lakota lakota sioux lamp land formations landing pad landscape landslide lantern lantern room lapwai laramie laramie river lard press large milkweed bug larned last stand hill late afternoon late afternoon sun latrines launch launch codes launch command center launch control facility delta01 launch control panel launch keys launch panel laurel lava lava beds lawn mower laws layers leaf leafless leanto leather leave leaves ledgers lee left arm leg bone legs lemons lens leon lesser temple mound letter letters level 6 liberty bell library library. peace field lichen lieutenant colonel lieutenant colonel's quarters lieutenant john thompson life life saving service station life saving station lifesaving station lifting the veil of ignorance light lighthhouse lighthouse lighthouses lighting ceremony lights lily lily pad limber limestone lincoln lincoln borglum lincoln boyhood home lines little bighorn little bighorn battlefield little bighorn river little black sambo little bluestone river little calumet river little river little river canyon little river falls little round top little sable point live oak live oaks living living area living history living room llamp lloyd lillie loaves lobster lobster boats lobster fishing lobster fishing boat lock lock 20 lock 33 lock 38 lock house lock three lockbox locked locks lodgepole pines loft log log cabin log fence post log fences logan pass logan's pass logo logs lone lone pine long long exposure long shadows looking down looking up looking up from the base lookout lookout mountain loom loop lost lost colony lotus louisana purchase louisiana low growing low hanging branch low key lower lower creeks lower fox creek school lower trail lowering the flag loyalists lubec luce county lucien saunders lucy ludington lumenaria lunch creek lunch pails lure lynchburg machine gun machine shop mack macro macros magazines magick main entrance main street maine maintenance maintenance schedule major edward ned wynkoop major lemuel montgomery major reno making a pipe male male. grazing males mallets malt mamie mammals man manassas mansard roof mansion mansion. museum mantel manteo manual manuals many glacier many of the prints here are period many parks curve maple maps marble marchers marcus whitman margaret murray washington hall margaret scott mark twain marker markers marsh marsh grass marshall hall marshes martha carrier martha corey martha's vinyard marthas martin luther king center martlin luther king marvin mary easty mary mcleod bethune mary parker mary todd lincoln marye's heights maryland maryland monument mask masks mason county masonry mass grave massachusetts massacre massacre site maternity mating maurice stephens maximilian maximillian maximillian sunflower may mccarthy mccarthy homestead mccormick deering. f20 mccormickdeering mcdonald creek mcguffey's third eclectic reader mchenry mcpherson mcpherson ridge meade's pyramid meadow medical medical chart medicine meditating meditation memento mementoes mementos memoirs memorial memorial arch memorial church memorial court memorial day ceremony memorial house memoribilia merchantile merry go round metal michelle michigan midland midland street mike miles davis military military governor military police milk sickness milks milkweed milkweed pod mill mill pond miller mine mine car mining minister minnesota minuteman minuteman ii minuteman missile miocene miocene era missile missile launch control panel missile site missiles mission mission control mission espada mission san jose mission site missionaries missionary ridge mississipian culture missouri missouri. general grant mist misty mitchell pass mixed grass prairie mlk moat mobile classroom model models modern mojave mojave national preserve molasses monarch moni mono monocacy monocacy junction monocacy national battlefield monochrome monroe monroe elementary school monster montana monument moonset moore house moores moores creek moores creek bridge moores creek national battlefield moorish morning morning light morpho peleides mortar mosaic moses carver house motion motion blur moton field motorco motorco music hall moundbuilders mount mount baldy mount rushmore mount welby mountain mountain buggy mountain laurel mountain lion mountains mounted moutains mouth movie mrs. louisa dresser mud mud flats muddy muddy creek falls mule mule deer mungo somerwell muppet mural mural wall murals murfreesboro musem museum museum exhibit music musician musicians musket mussels mutual assured destruction muzzle loading my great grandfather myscelia cyaniris nabisco nail nailhead spar name tag nancy hanks lincon nantahala national forest narcissa prentiss whitman narragansett nash nathanial greene natiional monument natiional park natiive american nationa cemetery nationa park national national archives of black women's history national bank national bank of thurmond national battlefield national battlefield park national battlefield. virginia national biscuit company national bison reserve national buffalo reserve national capital parks national capital parks east national cemetery national colonial farm national council of negro women national geographic national historic park national historic site national historical park national historical reserve national historical site national lakeshore national mall national memoria national memorial national military park national monument national national monument national park national preserve national prisoner of war museum national recreation area national recreation areal national river national scenic river national scenic riverways national seashore national shrine national wildlife refuge native native american native americans natives natonal bison reserve natural entrance natural entrance tour nauset navy blue nbp nebraska nebraska. farm equipment nebraska. osage orange negative space neighbor nelson house neon netal never summer mountains neversummer mountains neversummer ranch new growth new guardhouse new orleans new river new river gorge new river national new river national river new testament new york new york monument newborn newspaper nez nez perce nez perce war nez perce war of 1877 nez perpercians nhp nhs niagra niche nicodemus night nimiipuu nine banded ninety six nintey six niobrara river nmp nolan house north america north carolina north casemate north dakota north entrance north fork north gate north leg north overlook north platte river north vietnam northern plains indians northwest wall nose nostrils notecard nps 5 nra nsr nubian nuclear missile nuclear missiles nuclear power plant nuclear weapons number 6 nun nursery nursing nuts nuttalburg nuttallburg oak leaves obeb obed obelisk obilisk ocean ocmulgee octagons october offcers quarters office office seekers officer's quarters officer's row officers club officers quarters officers row oglethorpe ohio ohio road oil painting okefenokee okefenokee swamp old bedlam old burying point old chief joseph old church tower old commissary old court house old courthouse old fall river road old glory old growth forest old house old stone house old swede's church olmstead olmstead island oncopeltus fasciatus one one horse carriage one room schoolhouse oneida oneida carrying place only003 open open range opening orange orange black orange tip orchard knob order diptera ordnance oregon oregon trail original original office orville wright osage orange otter out of focus outbuilding outbuildings outcrop outer outer banks outer defenses outer pier light oven overcast overcoat overgrown overlook overview oxen oxon cove oxon farm oxon hill farm ozark ozark national scenic riverway ozark national scenic riverways p51 mustang paddock paddocl padlock paint paintbrush painted lady painter painting palaeocastor palisade pallette palmerepard cabin palmerephard cabin palo pan american exhibit pano panorama pantry pants paper kite paper mache papers papiermâché papilio glaucus papilio iowii papilio troilus papillo trollus parade parade ground parade grounds parents paris green park park guide park ranger parlor parrott parthenos sylvia partially excavated parts passmore creek pastries pastry pasture patch path patrick ferguson patrick morelli patrick o'rourke patriot pattern patterns pavement ends pavillion paving stones paw paw paw pea ridge peace field peacefield peach orchard peaches peanut peanuts peas pelts pencil pencils penitentiary pennsylvania pennsylvania. almshouse penny pentwater people people breathing perce perry's victory personal perspective peter gansevoort petrified petrified forest loop petrified forest loop trail petrified wood petroglyph petroglyphs peurto rico pew boxes pews phaeton phantom ship philadelphia philemon baldwin philippines photo album photograph photographer photographs photography piano pick pickaxe pictographs pie safe pieces pier lights pigeon pigeon hill pigeon roost piggy bank pike place fish market pike place market pikes peak granite piles pillar pillars pillows pilots pin pine pine knoll shores pine needles pink pioneer pioneer cemetery pipe tobacco piper pipes pipestone piscataway pistle piston pit pitcher pks plain plains plains high school plans plant plantation plants plaque plaster plates platinum playground pledge plow plum orchard pocahontas pod poe poe house poet point point park pole polebridge poles polish pollution ponce ponce de leon inlet pond ponderosa pine pool pool table poor potter poorhouse pop popcorn popcorn gallery popes creek porch porches port oneida port oneida rural historic district portable portable forge portage portland portland breakwater lighthouse portland head portrait portrait gallery portrait orientation posed post cemetery post hospital post office post office boxes post surgeon post trader post traders store posters postman potato planter potatoes potomac potomac river pottery pow powder powder kegs powder storage room power lines practice prairie prairie dogs prairie grass prairie sandreed prairie sunflower prarie prayer cloth pregnancy prehistoric presbyterian preserve presidency president presidential box presidents pressed to death pretrified pretty prickly pear priest prince william prison prisoner of war private probably made by henry. probiscus process prodryas persephone butterfly profile project projection promenade propeller protest providence providence spring pt17 stearman public market center published 1869 publisher puddle puff pump pumping pumpkin pumpkinhead pumpkins puritan purple putting green pyrite quantico quantico creek quarry quartermaster quartermaster storehouse quarters quartz queen quincy quinn cottonwood quoddy head lighthouse quote quotes race and the american creed rachel clark rachel the pig racial segregation racisim racism radial engine radio raiders rail rail car rail splitting railing railings railroad railroad bridge railroad car railroad cut railroad tracks rails rain rainbow raincoats raindrops rainfall rainwater raisin rake ranch ranch house ranch. barn ranch. heifers ranck ranger ranger station rations ravines readings rear rebecca martin rebecca nurse receipt recipe recipes reclaimed reconstruction recreation rectangles red red bus red cloud red cross red crown red paper red tails redcoats redoubt redoubt 9 redstick redwood redwood tree reeanctor reeenactor reenactor reenactors reentry vehicle reflecting pool reflection rehabilitated relaxing relief religious freedom religous symbol renobenteen defense site rental repairs repetitive replica replica grave marker reports reproductions reptile reptile gardens reptiles reservation reserve residents resistance resting restored retreat rev rev2 reverend charles dresser revolution revolutionary war reynolds avenue rhode island ribbet the exhibit ribs richard hardesty richmond ride rifle rifle fire rifle pit rifles rights rings ripples rive river river entrance river raisin river raisn riverbank riverside walk riverzedge arts rivets road roads robber fly robert e. lee robert kennedy rock rock art rock creek rock creek park rock formation rock outcropping rocking chair rocking chairs rocks rocky rocky mountain rodman gun roger roger williams rogers rolled roller mill roller milling machine rolltop rome ronnie roof roofline room room one room three room two roosevelt roots rope rope swing rose rose hips rose kennedy roses rottenwood creek rotunda rough round rowboat royal marine cemetery rug ruins rung running eagle falls rural rural georgia rural historic district rushmore russell russell cave rust rusted rustic rusty rut ruth coupe sable sacred sacred circle of smoke sacred place saddle bag saddle rock saddles sailboat saint saint croix island saint francis hotel saint joseph mission saint joseph's saint louis saint louis 1 sale sale goods salem salem witch trials memorial sally port salmon salsify salt pork salt port saltbox saltwater crocodile samantha samuel samuel wardwell san antonio san antonio missions san francisco san juan island sand sand creek sand creek massacre sand dune sand fence sand lovegrass sandburg sandstone sandstone falls sanford santa fe trail sapelo sapelo island sarah good sasha satan satellite dish satkowiak saturday evening post saw saw blade saw horse sawmill sawmilll saxaphone scale scale model scale models scales scan13 scan14 scan17 scan18 scan19 scan20a scan20b scan4 scan5 scan7 scan8 scan8a scan9 scarecrow scattered scenic school scotland scott scotts scotts bluff scotty's castle scouts scrap metal screaming screened in scuba sculptor sculptor's studio sculpture sculpture. equal rights scultpture scuplture sea oats seafood seashell seat seattle second bank of the united states second room second story secretary sedimentary rock seed seed head seed heads seed peanuts seed phase seed planter seed pods seeds self portrait selfie senate seneca falls separate but equal sepia september september 19th 1692 september 22 1692 sequoia serrano servants quarters session five session four session one session six session three session two set apart setaria viridis settlement settler seventy five seychelles shackles shadow shadows shallow shapes sharks sharp sharpsburg shawl shed sheep sheep lakes sheep table sheep. animals shell shells shelter shenandoah river sherman reserve shingles ship's medicine chest shirt shirts shoals shoes shop shopping shops shops building shore show shrine shutters shuttle bus sickle bar mower side side view sidewalk siding siege sigh sign signer signs silhouette silhoutte silo silver silver lake simons single sinkhole sinks sioux sioux county sitting room sitting up six pound gun skater skeleton skeletons sketchbook skull skull and crossbones skull rock skulls skully sky skylight slab tomb slats slave slave quarters slavery sleeping sleeping bear dunes sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore sleeping bear sand dunes sleeping pallet sleight's bakery slide slow down slow motion smashed smile smoke smokey smooth snag snake river snee farm snow soil soldier soldiers soldiers' national cemetery solitary confinement south south america south bass island south bluff south carolina south core bank south dakota south manitou island south overlook south unit south view southside spalding spanish spanish moss spear spearfish speleogen speleothem speleothems speleothems. boxwork spencer spencer shops spherical spice spicebush swallowtail spiderweb spiderwebs spinal column spines spinning wheel spiral split rail spokes spots spotsylvania spotted knapweed spring spring hill ranch springfield springs spritualists squares squash sry ss francisco morazan st augustine lighthouse st. augustine st. augustine lighthouse st. simons island stacked stacking ceremony stacks stagecoach stagville stainless steel staint peter's catholic church stair step falls staircase stairs stairstep falls stalactites stalks stall stall door stallion barn stamen stanwix star star fort star spangled banner star spangled salute to veterans stark stars stars and bars state state fair state fish hatchery state historic site state park station statue statues steam steam engine steel steel beams steel frame steep steeple steif stephen f. jones steps stereoscope stereotype stevens still stock stockade stockade boundries stockade branch stockade fort stone stone bridge stone house stone wall stones stones river stonewall jackson stop sign storage storage lockers storage room store storefronts storehouse stories storm story stove straw stream street fair street festival street preachers strickland stripes strong city stucco student art studio study stump stump sprouting stumps sugar summer summer kitchen summer. three arches sumter sun sunflower sunflowers sunken road sunlight sunnyside cemetery sunrise sunroom sunset supplies supreme court supreme court room surf boat surface surgeon surgeons office surrend surrender surrender site surrounding the camera are photos that were probably taken by my great grandfather using this camera. survey marker surveying equipment susan wildes susannah martin sutler sutler's store swallow falls state park swallowtail swamp swan head swan necklace sweaty sweetums swiftcurrent lake swimming pool swing swing music symmetry t shirts tabby table table settings tack tack room tad lincoln taft tail tailor tailor shop taken in the 19 teens and twenties. taking photographs tallapoosa river tallgrass tallgrass prairie tank tannenbaum historical park tavern tea tea set teddy bear teddy roosevelt teddybear teepee teepee poles teepees teeth telegrams telegraph temple of sinawava temporary tenant farmers tenant house tennessee tennis courts terrace territories texas textbooks texture thaddeus kosciuszko the angle the arch the bar the basic sweet dough formula the biscuit cutter belonged to henry. the book was presented to henry on february 3rd the camera is a 1912 vest pocket kodak. the doughnut cutter belonged to henry. the farmers and mechanics manual the first wave the fleischmann company the house in the horseshoe the huntress the literary digest the oaks the oracle the phillipines the photo in this image is of henry in the bakery. the photos are of his children the pinnacles the price of freedom fully paid the recipe is from the basic sweet dough formula the rock the wicked witch of the west the winning of the west the wizard of oz theater theodore theodore roosevelt theodore roosevelt inaugural third order third story thistle thomas thomas jefferson thomas jefferson. gateway arch thomas lincoln thomas nelson jr. thomas stone thorax thorns thoroughbrace wagon thoroughbred barn threatening three arches three pound three pounder three star throwing spear thumb thurmond thurmond union church tibia ticket booth tiffany tiger cage tiger longwing tiles time of death timucuan tip tipple tobacco tobias todd house toddler toes tom sawyer tomatoes tomb tomb of the unknown soldier of the american revolution tombs tombstone tomotoes tompkins hall toned tool box tools tootsie pop top of the arch top of the world topeka tortise tortugas torture tour tour road tourists tower tower stairwell town hall township hall townsite towpath toxic toxin toy toys tracks tractor tractor seat trade goods trade room traders tradesmen trading post traditional trail trail of the cedars trail ridge road trailer train train depot trainer training aircraft tram car transformation translation transporation museum transportation transportation museum trash traveling trunk tread tree tree branch trees trenches triangle triangles tribute trick or treat trim trolley trombone shorty troughs trout truck truman truman family farm truman farm trumpet trunk truro tulip tundra tunnel tunnel head tunnell tupelo turkey spur turning turning basin turtle tuskeegee tuskegee tuskegee airmen tuskegee institute tuskegee university twin falls twin number 2 twisted two two dog flats two medicine two medicine lake tying typewriter ulysses s. grant ulyssess s. grant uncle remus under construction underside underwater uniform uniforms union union church unisted states united states united states life saving service united states lifesaving service university university hill unknown soldier unopened unrestored upper creeks upper level upper missouri us armory us army us constitution us grant us life saving service station us life saving station us lifesaving service station us monument uslss utah v corps valley valley forge valley of death valleys vanessa cardui vehicle veins vendor ventral vertabrae vertebrae veterans victims victory vidae falls video viet cong vietnam view from the top village villiage vincennes vineyard virgin islands virgin river virginia visitor visitor use assistant visitors visitors center volunteer volunteers vore vore buffalo jump wagner machine and mill company wago wagon wagon wheel wagon wheels wagons waiting room walking cultivator walking stick walkway wall walla walla walls walnut creek wetlands walnut street walter raleigh wapiti war war and national service war of 1812 warehouse warhead warm warm light warrior warriors was a baker for sleight's bakery in bay city michigan in the 1910's and '20's. washers washing machine washington washington dc washington dc. painting washington memorial washington monument washington square washington years washington's headquarters water water drops water tank water wheel watercolor waterfall watergate waterhole watering can weapons weatherbeaten weathered weaving wedding gift wedding portrait weeds weight welcome welds well werewolf wesleyan chapel west west beach west entrance west parlor west room west virgiinia west virginia western pasque flower westward migration wet side wheel wheelhouse wheels whelk whidbey island while white white bird white bird battlefield white cedar white haven white mountains white pine village white snakeroot white water whitewater whitman whitman mission wiccan wicked wide view wife wilbur wright wild wild and scenic river wild cave tour wild gardens of acadia wilder brigade wilderness wildflower william bent william howard taft william rogers william thompson williams willie fisher willie lincoln wilmot redd wind wind cave wind cave. natural entrance tour windmill window window light windows wine glasses wings wings closed wings open winter winter count winter home wire wisconsin wisdom witch witch trials witch trials memorial witchcraft witches witches. leaf witches. rose withers wizards wolf creek overlook woman women's rights womens womens monument wood wood slats wood stove wooden woodlands period woods woodworking work area work in progress work shed work table workbench working working class workroom workshop workspace world world war ii world war two worm worthington house wounded lion wreck wrestling wright wright brothers writing desk ww ii wyoming xerophyllum tenax yearling yellow yellow mormon yellow toadflax yellowstone yorktown yorktown national cemetery yorktown victory monument young young chief joseph yucca zebra longwing zen zenny zimiga zion zion narrows zion national park zombies
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